2020 starts off with a new release


The song Joey Moroney is written by Gerry Madigan and was first released by The Cotton Mill Boys in 1969.
It got famous in Sweden when Yngve Forsells Orkester from the northern town  Skellefteå, recorded the song. Their Swedish version ”Så gick det till när farfar var ung” was a huge hit and reached number one on the swedish charts ”Svensktoppen” in 1973 and remained there for 22 weeks.
50 years later, Jonas Bodin from Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers bought the old album ”Så gick det till när farfar var ung” at a flea market. That album, and the fact that Jonas as a kid lived in the same neighborhood as Yngve, gave him the idea of recording the song with its original lyrics. Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers version of the song Joey Moroney is recorded by Pär Johansson and mixed by Kjell Nästén.
The cover art for the single Joey Moroney is made by Benjamin Åkerlund and is verk much inspired by the original.
The original cover is designed by Timo Larsson.


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