Cousin Steve - drums

Freddie Dakota – piano

Edie-Lou Colter - vocals

Urban Bourbon - fiddle

Steve Dustriver - guitar

Mike Roufone - steel guitar

Dexter Jennings - vocals

Sam Terry - bass

Trent Stiller - guitar

Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers started their road-trip in the northern town Skellefteå, Sweden, back in 2005 and the band is still up and rolling. Along the way they have primarily performed on bars, honky tonks and music festivals in Sweden and Norway. They have become an appreciated live-act with their positive, high-energetic combination of old and contemporary country music.

In 2009 the band qualified to the Swedish Country Music Championships and ended up winning the genre ”Pop/Rock Country ”.

The band has appeared on two ”Mr Music Country” albums. On the compilation ”On the road – Country music drivin’ songs Vol1” they show up amongst legends like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.


Former members:

Billy TT Justice – drums

Buck Bundy – bass

Lance Womack – guitar/vocals

Rusty Steelburgh – steel guitar

Brett Schneider – guitar

Clay Cohones – piano

Mike Newhill – piano

Betty Spaghetti – fiddle