2020 starts off with a new release


The song Joey Moroney is written by Gerry Madigan and was first released by The Cotton Mill Boys in 1969.
It got famous in Sweden when Yngve Forsells Orkester from the northern town  Skellefteå, recorded the song. Their Swedish version ”Så gick det till när farfar var ung” was a huge hit and reached number one on the swedish charts ”Svensktoppen” in 1973 and remained there for 22 weeks.
50 years later, Jonas Bodin from Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers bought the old album ”Så gick det till när farfar var ung” at a flea market. That album, and the fact that Jonas as a kid lived in the same neighborhood as Yngve, gave him the idea of recording the song with its original lyrics. Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers version of the song Joey Moroney is recorded by Pär Johansson and mixed by Kjell Nästén.
The cover art for the single Joey Moroney is made by Benjamin Åkerlund and is verk much inspired by the original.
The original cover is designed by Timo Larsson.

New year, new songs and new gigs

bandet2.jpgSD_20130720_1050381Ben Carbine have been recording a couple of new songs. Right now we´re in the middle of the mixing process. We´re looking forward to share these songs with you as soon as possible. No release date is set but the songs will be available on itunes, spotify etc. But as you all know Ben Carbine is most of all a liveband and that´s why we´re really looking forward to play in Lövånger Folkets Hus on the 8th of April. Tickets available here.



Trästockfestivalen, 23/7

imagesBen Carbine will perform at Norran scenen, Trästockfestivalen, Saturday July 23 17:00 – 18:00. Visit for more information.

Krogshow & matfest, Svarttjärn 19-20/8


We´re excited to announce that we´ll be supporting the local cabaret heroes ”Henrys revy” in Svarttjärn, Lövånger 19/8 and 20/8. General tickets on sale Friday May 26th at 10am. Get tickets here:


Country Night, Skellefteå, 7/5

SD_20130720_1050438Last year we played a sold out show at Skellefteå Stadshotell as we celebrated 10 years as a band. We´re looking forward to do the same thing in May this year. This time we are supported by the fantastic Sideshow Stringband from Umeå. For tickets or dinner reservations: 0910 – 71 10 60.



Country SM, Sälen, 26/9-15

Rloggaight now we’re rehearsing to get ready for the Country SM final in Sälen 26 September. This year we´re competeing in the Pure Country genre which is a new challenge for us. We´ll be playing 5 songs and ”He stopped loving her today” (George Jones) is the song that the jury has chosen for us to play.

This will be our third time at the Country-SM final, but our first in the Pure Country genre. Back in 2009 we became Swedish Champions in the Pop-Rock Country genre.

Sävenäs pop- & visfestival, Skelleftehamn, 25/7

pop_vis_2015 Ben Carbine will perform at the ”Sävenäs Pop och visfestival”on July 25. Some of the other artists at the festival will be Karin Risberg, 0914, Sanna Stuardo, Mandolinkillen, The Bottles and Kathrine Bergström from Katie goes to Tokyo.

Ten years of country music, Statt Skellefteå, 23/5

bandet2.jpgBK-2012. 153.x.Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers will celebrate their 10 years anniversary on the 23 of May at Statt Skellefteå. For those who make dinner reservations there will be a Country Cooking Buffet + entrance fee for only 295 kr. Dinner starts 19:00 and the music starts 20:00. John Henry from Piteå will be helping us out this evening and our dinner guests will get an extra performance from both John Henry and Ben Carbine. Lets make this a night to remember – book your table online or call 0910-71 10 60.


Nashville Country Night, Lycksele 14/2

nashvillecountrynightBen Carbine will be playing at Hotell Lappland in Lycksele on Valentines Day, 14/2 2015. Caroline Larsson & Music City Band start their show ”Nashville Country Night” at 20:00 and later that evening it´s time for Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers.  Buy your tickets here!

Double trouble tour 6/9

inn13On Saturday 6/9 we will get on the tour bus for two concerts during the same night. First we´ll make a stop in Lövlund for a short appearance at a 40 years of marriage celebration party. Later the same night we´ll show up in Skråmträsk Saloon and play till the sun comes up.

Norran interview

stadsfestenNorran made a visit to the bands last rehearsal before the gig at Stadsfesten. Read the whole article here.

Interview in local news

SD_20130720_1050381Read the whole interview in the latest issue of Skellefteå Guiden. Trent and Dexter answers some questions about the upcoming Stadsfesten gig.

Torgscenen Stadsfesten, 26/6


We are very proud to announce that Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers will perform at Stadsfesten Skellefteå, Thursday 26 of June. The festival takes place between June 25 – 29 and some of the other bands at the festival will be Suede, Takida, Eldkvarn, Veronica Maggio and Agnes.


Ben Carbine – new single

Thats-what-our-countrys-all-aboutBen Carbine And The 18 Wheelers are once again back with a great country tune. The new single, ”That´s what our country´s all about”, is a song that instantly makes you happy and who perfectly describes the feeling you get at 5 o´clock on a pay day. The song is mixed and recorded at Studio Blue Too by producer Kjell Nästén. (BTCD 13 / CD / RELEASE: 2014-05-06)

BC radio interview

SD_20130720_1050438Dexter and Trent showed up in the P4-Västerbotten Studio for an interview earlier today. For those of you who missed it you can listen to it if you click here.


Trästockfestivalen 20/7

We are very proud to announce that we will perform at the main stage on Trästockfestivalen, Saturday at 16:30. For more information visit the Trästockfestivalen website.

Burträsksvängen 5/7

Ben Carbine are heading back to Burträsksvängen on Fridy 5th of July.
This will be the bands 2nd time on Burträsksvängen. Last time was back in 2006.
BC will enter the stage at 21:30.
Entrance fee 120:-

Vårmässan 25-26/5

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers will perform daytime at Vårmässan on May 25 and May 26.

New single – Love on trial

New single ”Love on trial” available now on spotify and itunes.

Burträsk World Tour 2013

Ben Carbine  & the 18 Wheelers – Burtäsk World  Tour  2013 will include two shows. The first stop on the tour will be at Burträskarnas Hus 18/5. This gig is a private party. The second and last stop will be at Burträsksvängen in July. For more information – go to

Klubb Alligator – Krokodil (New date)

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers was supposed to head up north for a gig in Piteå on Wednesday Feb 6, 2013. The gig is  postponed and a new date will be decided soon. Visit the Krokodil website:

BC on radio!

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers song ”Someone you’d leave” could be heard in P4 Västerbotten earlier today (Monday Sep 10, 17:17) The song is available on itunes and spotify. Support us and purchase your own copy today. Låtlista – Västerbotten | Sveriges Radio.

Bye Buck – Welcome Sammy!

Bass player Buck Bundy has announced that he is leaving the band. Buck is one of the original members and has been a big part of the band since the start 7 years ago. Buck will make his last gig with the band at Gumboda Hed Country Festival in July. The 18 wheelers will keep on rollin’ and have already found a new bass player. Former Citizen Kane member Sam Terry is a cigarr smokin’ , whiskey drinkin’, cow tippin’ country boy who will make his first appearance with the band in Furuvik at the Scandinavian Country Fair in August.

Scandinavian Country Music Fair, Saturday 11/8

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers will play at the Scandinavian Country Music Fair in August. This will be the second time the band performs at the festival. The first time at the Scandinavian Country Music Fair was back in 2008. Now 4 years later we´re heading down there again! The Mavericks (USA), Moe Bandy & the Americana band (USA), Larz-Kristerz (SWE), Heather Myles (USA), South Mountain (CAN) are some of the acts performing at the festival as well. For more information, visit