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This summer we will play three local festivals Skråmträsk Countryfestival, Trästockfestivalen and Summertime Music & Life festival. First off will be Skråmträsk which is a two day festival just outside Skellefteå and the schedule looks like this:



July 12:

19.00 The Chickpeas Band, 20.30 Hampus & the Lost Boys, 22.00 Mimi Werner, 23.30 HALM

July 13:

19.30 Ellinor Springstrike och Gareth Nugent, 22.00 Tennessee Road, 23.30 Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers

Lay me down

gumbodaBen Carbine will release a new single in the middle of May 2022. The song is called Lay me down and is recorded in the Trent Stiller Studio in Ursviken. Mixed and mastered by Kjell Nästén. We´re also adding some more dates for the summer – hope to see you all soon!

Still alive

wideHello! Just wanted to say that we´re still alive but not much is happening around here. We had an exiting gig at Sara Kulturhus in October 2021 and our song Wide Open Highway has passed 100 000 streams on Spotify which is amazing and the song is still heard on Radio P4-Västerbotten a year after the release. We have a few gigs planned for the summer and are recording some new songs as well so hopefully you will here more from us in a near future. Make sure to visit our Facebook or Instagram for more information! (links under contacts)