BC on radio!

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers song ”Someone you’d leave” could be heard in P4 Västerbotten earlier today (Monday Sep 10, 17:17) The song is available on itunes and spotify. Support us and purchase your own copy today. Låtlista – Västerbotten | Sveriges Radio.

Bye Buck – Welcome Sammy!

Bass player Buck Bundy has announced that he is leaving the band. Buck is one of the original members and has been a big part of the band since the start 7 years ago. Buck will make his last gig with the band at Gumboda Hed Country Festival in July. The 18 wheelers will keep on rollin’ and have already found a new bass player. Former Citizen Kane member Sam Terry is a cigarr smokin’ , whiskey drinkin’, cow tippin’ country boy who will make his first appearance with the band in Furuvik at the Scandinavian Country Fair in August.

Scandinavian Country Music Fair, Saturday 11/8

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers will play at the Scandinavian Country Music Fair in August. This will be the second time the band performs at the festival. The first time at the Scandinavian Country Music Fair was back in 2008. Now 4 years later we´re heading down there again! The Mavericks (USA), Moe Bandy & the Americana band (USA), Larz-Kristerz (SWE), Heather Myles (USA), South Mountain (CAN) are some of the acts performing at the festival as well. For more information, visit

Gumboda Hed Country Festival, Friday 6/7

For the second year in a row Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers will perform at Gumboda Hed Country Festival. First up on Friday night 6/7, the swedish band ”The Playtones”, known from Melodifestivalen and Dansbandskampen will play at 21:00. Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers enters the stage around midnight. For more information go to the festival web page,


Ben Carbine at Club 27, Saturday 4/2

Back up the pickup right up to the lake throw a blanket on the tailgate and listen to the bullfrog serenade in the moonlight! Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers will play at Skellefteå Stadshotell, Club 27, on Saturday the 4th of February.

Ben Carbine goes to Sävar 11/2

On Saturday February 11 Ben Carbine and the 18 wheelers starts the 2012 tour with an acoustic gig in Sävar, close to Umeå. Make sure you don´t miss this one…

Vote for Ben Carbine!

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers needs your help! We need you to visit the Bull´s homepage and vote for our song ”Love on trial”. Tell all your friends about this competition and make sure you vote for us!

Ben Carbine unplugged – Coasters 16/10

Last night 6/8 of Ben Carbine met up for a birthday party and played an acoustic session at the local bar Coasters in Skellefteå. The show lasted for about 40 minutes and we all had a real good time.

What happens in Byske, stays in Byske!

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers are heading up to Byske and Stengården tonight. The music starts at 21:30 and then we’ll be playing ’till the sun goes up. Bring your hat, your boots and your friends and remember: what happens in Byske, stays in Byske!

Next stop: Gumboda

Tomorrow night former Ben Carbine steel guitarist Peter ”Rusty Steelburgh” Ivansson sits in with his old friends in the Tribe from Nordmaling  at Gumboda Hed country festival. Ivansson used to be a full time member in the Tribe before he moved to Skellefteå. Ben Carbine & the Tribe have met earlier on a festival down in Furuvik 2008. On Saturday night around midnight it´s time for Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers to take the stage in Gumboda. The Refreshments is the main act  on Saturday night and will start around 21:00.

Trent Stiller on P4 Västerbotten

Tune in your radio to P4 Västerbotten today after 15:00. Ben Carbine guitarist Trent Stiller gets interviewed by Åza Meijer in the show ”Äntligen Fredag”. You will also hear the new BC single ”Someone you’d leave”. Click here to listen to the interview.

Stengården, Byske 30/7 2011

Once again it´s time for BC to head up to one of our favorite places on earth: Stengården, Byske. Make sure you make dinner reservations and tell all of your friends to come! Lord pinch me… that´s how they do it in Byske!

Mr Music Country 5 – 2011

Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers appears on this months Mr Music Country CD with the song ”Part time wife” from the 5 track cd ”Six pack shy”(2010). Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers had their song ”Roll on” on the Mr Music Country 10 -2010 CD, so this is the second time around for Ben Carbine on a Mr Music compilation.  (mer…)

New single May 17

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers have finished the recordings of the new single ”Someone you’d leave”. The song will be available from the release date May 17 2011. The recordings took place in Studio BC and Blue Too Studio. Produced and mixed by Kjell Nästén.

Gumboda Hed Festival, 9/7 2011

Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers will play at the Gumboda Hed Festival in July 2011. There will only be two acts on Saturday night and first out will be the fantastic swedish rock band The Resfreshments who takes the stage around 21:00. Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers will go on around midnight.

Bursiljum, 11/6 2011

Ben Carbine and the 18 Wheelers will perform live at the classic Bursiljum Folkets Park , on Saturday 11/6 2011. Age limit is 18 years and entrance fee is set to 80kr. Visit the Bursiljum homepage for more information.

Beer Festival Tovik, Norway, 18/6 2011

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers will go to Norway to play at the Beer Festival in Tovik  on the 18th of June 2011. Tovik is a small village in the north of Norway and we are really looking forward on this road trip!

On the road – country music drivin´songs

Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers appears on the ”On the road – country music drivin´songs part 1″ collection with their  song ”Roll on” taken from the 2010 official BC release ”Six pack shy”. The collection includes songs with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams and many other. A total of 30 country music drivin´ songs. The On the road collection  is only availible as a digital download and can be purchased in almost any online music store. It can also be found on Spotify.

Back in the studio

The last few months we´ve been working hard writing songs. Now we´re heading back in the studio to record and release a new single. Kjell Nästén who helped us with the ”Six pack shy” EP is there to help us again in Studio Blue Too. The recordings will start this week and the song will hopefully top the radio charts in May! The song title on the new song is ”Someone you´d leave”.